Stud Bolts

Manufacturing process:

  • Pre-heated steels are used. Thread rolling guarantees quality of profiles, smooth finish and resistance to seizing.
  • Parts are marked with grade identification symbol, and our trade mark.
  • Nuts are hot-forged and treated before tapping.


  • ASTM A 193 B7, B16, B8 class 2, B8M Class 2
  • ASTM A 320 class L7, B8, B8M
  • ASTM A 194 Grade 2H, 2HM, 4, 6, 7, 8, 8M


  • Visual and dimensional examination
  • Metallurgical tests:
    • Chemical analysis on heat and on the final product
    • Tensile strength tests
    • Hardness tests
    • Low and room temperature impact tests
    • Stress rupture tests
  • Supplementary tests, when required:
    • High temperature tests
    • Impact tests

Official inspection:

By customers and/or recognized organizations.


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